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Get Lost in the River Maze

We start with 8 acres of extra tall corn and carve a tricky design into it. Paths twist and turn, taking you the right way or into a dead end!

Getting lost is lots of fun. This year’s maze theme is “Gateway to Fun“.  It is based on the fact that the new bridge constructed along the border to our property is called the gateway to the Ocoee Region.

Y’all come!

And there’s more amazing fun …

For lots more family fun, try your skills in the No Left Turn Maze, the Soybean Maze (see below), a Color Maze, and Spookley, the Square Pumpkin Maze.

Mystery in the Maze

We have created a Scavenger Hunt through our maze, and this year’s mystery is still a mystery — ha! We’ll have pre-printed game cards for you when you arrive. Answer the questions, find the pictures, and you will solve the mystery when you have conquered the maze.

Passports to Learning

Educational signs of US landmarks are Passport Posts in the maze. Guests carry a trivia passport on a topic of their choice and a correct answer gives a clue about which way to turn.  You can play on your smartphone or create your own trivia card.

Get Lost in the Soybeans!

Our NEW soybean maze design continues the theme of the main corn maze.  The soybean maze is a sketch of the bridge as seen from underneath, at river level.  Great for little kids and older kids as well.  Have fun!