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Cornfused Café & DiDi’s Snacks

Fresh air and farm fun will make you hungry at Ocoee Valley Farms this summer, and we can fix that!  At the Café: Get meals, burgers, snacks, drinks and desserts — even specials for the kiddos! At DiDi’s: Enjoy ice cream, slushies, “Slushshakies” and freshly made mini-donuts.

Please note that our menu is subject to change based on availability. We’ll do our best, folks!

Grab a Sandwich or Burger

Sandwiches — including grilled cheese, pimento cheese and chicken salad. Grilled hotdogs — corndogs and nuggets, too!  Joe’s Famous Burgers (get ’em with fries). Philly Cheesesteaks and more.

Lots of Sides & Snacks

Munch a big pickle! Chili by the bowl. Homemade coleslaw. Cheese or chili nachos. Sweet corn on the cob. Assorted chips and more.

The Sweet Stuff

Aww, man! Blackberry, blueberry or peach cobblers (and add ice cream). Berry or peach turnovers, too. Homemade cookies right out of the oven.

Drinks and … “Dirty Sodas”

Get tea, lemonade, bottled sodas and sports drinks. Or splurge on one of our Dirty Sodas — Cherry Bomb, Waikiki, Tennessee Tab, Dreamsicle, Heartbreaker, Mango Mountain, of Raspberry Dream. Don’t know what these are? Come find out!